Victoria Restaurants - Flying Otter Grill

A Unique Experience, Mouth Watering Food, Casual Atmosphere and Soooooo……………… Close to Water

Victoria Restaurants - Waterfront Dining

Blackened wild BC Salmon plate with quinoa salad - Flying Otter Grill Victoria BC Seaside Restaurant
Victoria Restaurant -Flying Otter Grill is right at Harbour Air / Kenmore Air terminal
Chammi and Lapaly at Otters Grill Patio - God sea view
Scenic view of the Victoria Harbor, Sea Planes, Boats from our table

Dockside Dining and Incredible View

It was my wife’s turn to pick a restaurant this time.  Her choice  caught both me and my daughter by a bit of a surprise  -  “ Let’s go to the Flying Otter’s Grill and have a meal by the sea”.

The date is Feb 11th.  Victoria is the warmest spot in Canada during winter.  Very often we have cherry blossoms start blooming at this time of the year.

Still, it's February Though....?

The seaside still could get quite chilly even here during the month of February.

Chammi heard from her friend that they have a warm dockside patio and superb food.

The Flying Otter Grill is one of the floating Victoria restaurants in the inner harbor.

There are many seaside Victoria restaurants. This is the first time we are heading to Flying Otter Grill.

And we were taking out  my mom and dad out to dinner too.  My dad does not like to sit in a cold spot or eat any cold food…  

Are we going to have a good dinner this time……………?

Location and Parking

The restaurant is next to Harbour Air / Kenmore Air terminal.  So there is ample parking right in front of the restaurant.

Entrance to Flying Otter Gril - Victoria BC - Easy parking right next to Harbour air TerminalEntrance to Flying Otter Grill

Oh! Don’t forget  It’s paid parking so feed the parking meter before your feast.

No stairs to climb down. There is a nice walking path down to the restaurant entrance at sea LevelWalking Path Down to the Sea Level Starts Here - No Stairs

Restaurant entrance is at the sea level, there is a nice walking path down to the dock  “no stairs”.  So all, young and old  folks can get in there easily.

This is a first come, first serve restaurant in Victoria unless you are visiting with 10  or more. So reservations not needed.

Friendly server greeted us warmly at the entrance. 

My wife said we need patio seating with a nice view.

Atmosphere and View

The waitress seated us and gave menus,

We were very excited because the waitress seated us in a place where we exactly wanted to sit.

Wow!  I was quite impressed indeed.

They have covered patio right by the water. Nice view of the ocean.  I can see seaplanes moving,  whale watching boats and all the activity in the harbor.

Scenic view of the Victoria Harbor, Sea Planes, Boats from our tableScenic View of the Victoria Harbor, Sea Planes, Boats from Our Table

There are red hot ceiling heaters.  That's what kept the patio quite so warm. 

Ceiling Heaters Keeping the Patio Quite Warm - Flying Otter Grill - VictoriaCeiling Heaters Keeping the Patio Quite Warm

I felt like this is one of the best Victoria Restaurants for taking pictures of seaplanes and the harbor while still dining.

My camera  was busy and eager to  capture lovely memories. I totally forgot  why we are here until Chammi reminded me.

Mom, Dad Lapaly and Me at Flying Otter Grill - Victoria, BC sea side restaurantMom Dad Lapaly and Me - Chammi's Photography

Food & Drinks

We ordered our drinks.  Dad and I went for local beer. Chammi likes her margarita. Orange juice for mom and Lapaly.

We sipped on our drinks.

The Menu

Everyone wanted something different to eat….

Victoria Restaurants- Flying Otter's GrillMenu

Kids and Family Friendly

Lapaly wanted a Kid’s meal – Yes, They do have a nice kid’s menu. She got crayons and coloring papers too.

A child friendly restaurant. Another plus when you are journeying with kids. 

Lapaly settled down for a kid meal item - Linguine with Marinara Sauce with Chicken.

Kids Munu - Flying Otter Grill Victoria BCMenu with a Coloring Sheet for Lapaly

Chammi picked a delicious mango salad with Chicken.
I shared half of my order – Salmon Wellington with Chammi’s salad.

Salmon Wellington is a wild BC salmon fillet wrapped in puff pastry and topped with a lemon – leek sauce, mash potatoes and seasonal vegetables

The salad menu included -  Caesar Salad, Tossed Salad, Spinach Salad, Mango Salad with Chicken or Prawns, Thai Salad with Chicken or Prawns, Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad, Warm Goat Cheese Salad

Dad wanted grilled halibut fish, fresh cut fries and the Beer. Their Fish and Chips menu included beer battered fish and chips, fresh cut fries and tartar sauce with Halibut, Cod or Prawns.

Mom tried Blackened wild BC Salmon with Quinoa Salad.

Main Plates included – Chef Leminh’s Linguine, Blackened wild BC Salmon with quinoa salad, Salmon Wellington, BBQ Baby Back Ribs, New York Striploin, Seafood Paella

Note: Before I forget if you are a Harbor Air/Kenmore Air passenger, show your boarding pass/pager to the server to save 20%  off of your food (except alcoholic beverages).

Restaurant Experience

Our meals arrived.

Oh… lovely they are parts of culinary arts pleasing to our optics. I wanted to take more pictures so I can verify if I see them in my dreams.

Everybody quiet over the dinner for a while.  We just  forgot to talk or perhaps maybe just scared that the flavor might fly out if we open our mouths too often.

Chammi’s salad tasted really good I can tell you that because I ate almost half of it in exchange of half of my  super delicious main plate - Salmon Wellington.

Lapaly finished her coloring project as well as her Linguine in Marinara Sauce with Chicken meal.  Empty plate (that rarely happens)  for Lapaly means Food is Good. We all know that……

Kids get Colouring Papers at Flying Otter Grill VictoriaLapaly Finished the Painting

Mom said blackened salmon with quinoa dish is superb.

It's a meal that looks fabulous on the plate too.

Quinoa Salad with Blackened Wild BC Salmon at Flying Otter Grill Victoria BCQuinoa Salad with Blackened Wild BC Salmon

My dad sat in the corner near to an overhead heater and finished his hot grilled halibut with fries.

We got seated on the patio at Flying Otter Grill - Nice warm and scenic sea view of the Victoria Harbour form hereMom and Dad


Along the way out bartender with a genuine smile chat with us for a bit. 

I will stop here with my dad next time before meals.

The Bar - Flying Otter Grill VictoriaThe Bar

The evening was coming to a close.

The Flying Otter Grill is an absolutely nice place to enjoy a meal. This restaurant sets out our vote as one of the best Victoria restaurants for Food and Location.

Will I come back here again?  Sure, I really want to visit here again to have a summertime by the sea dining experience.

I will be keeping you updated.

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