Victoria's Seasons and What it's Like

By Lapaly Oshada Somaratna (Grade 7 École John Stubbs Memorial -French immersion Program)

Photography Muditha Somaratna

Comparing to other regions in Canada, Victoria, BC is very warm throughout the year. Considering snow, we usually get little or even some years none. In the summer, the temperature can get up to 30 degrees Celsius. In the Winter however, it usually goes down to about 5 degrees Celsius, and every now and then goes into the negative numbers. In the next paragraph you will see that I wrote a small poem about Victoria's Seasons.I wrote this poem when I was a grade 7 student at École John Stubbs Memorial (2019).  I originally wrote this poem for English poetry class.

Dad offered to work on editing and photography and all other fun geek stuff. So, Thank You dad for making life easier for me.

~~The four seasons~~


The sun shines and melts the snow

Flowers come up and start to grow

The earth is soft and wet with rain

This is what repeats again and again.

It’s beauty is what Spring is known for

And it’s not as cold as it was before

Spring comes only once an year

So all the birds chirp to hear


The strong heat, quickly rises

Gardens are shown in all different sizes

We all come outside and join in and play

As school is not at all for today

We take a break and go on vacation

But never forget about education

Above it all the sun shines bright

But at the end, it’s calm at night


Most leaves are changing color and ready to fall

But evergreens will never take that path at all

The breeze is getting more fresh, more crisp and, more cool

While we are all back and stuck at our school

Wherever I look I see Red, Brown and Gold

But then rush inside, because it’s too cold

Before our eyes, Halloween comes and it goes

What happens next? That’s what Winter knows


The atmosphere changes, no chirps no peeps

The earth turns all white in only a few weeks

It’s all so quiet, and very too much too plain

And trees and branches, are all that remain

This all changes when we come out to play

The laughter and joy all change the day

New Year comes and it’s all dancing and singing

Everything is settled, and a new year is beginning

This is how each year comes and it goes

But these are the four seasons that everybody knows

Spring is Green, Summer is all bright, Fall will be orange, and Winter is all white!


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