Beacon Hill Park – Petting Zoo

By Lapaly Oshada Somaratna  Trip to at beacon hill park Victoria BC (Grade 4 Happy Valley Elementary School Victoria BC)

Photography Muditha Somaratna  

It was a spring break. No school and fun time with my family. Dad took several days off from his work too.

We all woke up to a beautiful Sunday. I look forward for days like these to step out of the house with mom and dad. 

My mom said we are going to Beacon Hill Park to see some of your animal friends

Animal friends…? 

Mom said, Yep, we are going to a petting zoo. “Petting Zoo” I was so happy and excited, so I get to pet some bears, cougars, and a wolf. Mom said let’s go and see.

So, we went to Beacon Hill Children’s farm in Victoria that day.

“Going to a farm” sounded like that we are driving out of town.  Passing  hills, mountains into the countryside. My dad was doing quite the opposite. He was driving right into downtown Victoria…. 

Downtown Victoria BC Parliament BuildingVictoria BC Parliament Building is walking distance to Beacon Hill Park

Children’s farm or the petting zoo as I call it was part of the in the Beacon Hill park. It is Very close to downtown Victoria.

My mom said we have gone there before, But I could not remember a thing. Maybe I was too little then.

While driving, my dad said Beacon hill is a big park in downtown Victoria. He said there are beautiful scenery including flower gardens. He said there are ponds where you can watch or even feed ducks etc.

When I got out of the car I heard so many noises. I saw a very large peacock walking down the curb so close to me, I could almost touch it. - My dad said, we don't have a strong winter so they build  nests and lay eggs and very well adjusted to the Victoria BC climate.

At the entrance to the petting zoo, they are collecting a donation. It must be expensive to maintain the place. My dad paid fifteen dollars.

It was noisy inside. The first animal we saw was a pig. Pig snorted and snorted and snorted. Pigs are always like this.

 Then I saw lamas. They are sooo... cute. There are turkeys, bunnies and birds and peacocks roaming every ware.

We heard pig snorting, chickens clucking, goats whining, ducks quacking.  The loudest of all is the squawking peacock. These peacocks fly out of the farm and roam free even on the parking lot like pigeons.

Then there is a place with so many goats. That’s the best part of the farm for me. There were baby goats and grown up goats. All kinds of goats even pregnant goats and goat babies that were born the day before we came. 

Check below, here are goats cuddling with me.

It was such a fun day for me. We spent almost half a day at the petting zoo. My dad promised to come back another day to see the rest of the Beacon Hill Park.

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